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Sprawling is the name given to a series of transcendental listening sessions during which deep, hallucinatory and therapeutic music is created and mixed. In a space lined with mattresses and soft supporting structures. 


at the confluence of the outside and the inside, it becomes possible to devote oneself entirely to sound, to linger in the beautiful intersection of wakefulness and sleep. This is music to dream with.

interesting things happen at the edge of wakefulness and sleep. At the motor level, tension decreases, and muscles and the body relax. At the level of consciousness - some parts remain in touch with reality, and others do not. The goal is to imbue those sprawled out with a vast opportunity to indulge in a purely subjective experience while immersed in the potential for complete physical relaxation offered by the space.


The sound and the protected space allow for a complete release and lowering of personal and social inhibitions between the listeners and themselves, thereby enabling them to be present in a more sensitive and exposed place than in any other musical experience. Within this delicate and unique state of consciousness, the transmitted content is abounding enough to touch and minimalistic enough to evoke thought, precisely through that which is not there. In this space, a balance between expression and restraint transmitted, and an opportunity to simultaneously listen through the conscious and the subconscious and not just hear manifests itself.

upcoming events:

Suzanne Dellal Centre - 20-21/10/2023

Suzanne Dellal Centre - 19-20/10/2023

Sprawl Festival July 14-15 2023

Montreal 17-18/3/2023 postponed 

Tlv Museum Of Art 24-25/2/2023

Berlin 18-19/8/2022

Turin 22-23/7/2022

Istanbul 16-17/7/2022

Athens 17-18/6/2022

TLV 10-11/6/2022

Ibiza 4-5/6/2022

Haifa 3-4/6/2022

Sprawl Festival Up North 12-13/5/22

Hazira JLM - 28/4/2022

Carmel MTN - 31/3/2022

Tokyo 14-15/01/2022

JLM 25-26/11/2021

TLV 24/09/2021 

Berlin  1-2/09/2021

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Tai Rona


Amplified Awakeness

in the closing part of each session where, Microphones are placed in the surroundings, broadcasting live sounds from nature or urban environment, amplified throw the speakers to the audience. usually 20-30 minutes after sunrise.

just like the sprawl part takes the sleep to its deeper level of understanding & observing - so is the awakeness part - letting the body and mind give attention to their surroundings while the process of working together again approaches after being disconnected for a while.

Sounds becoming music, becoming sounds again, becoming music. 

Wild Sprawl
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